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Dzanc Books is nonprofit press specializing in literary fiction and nonfiction. In addition to publishing activities, Dzanc Books also supports the Disquiet International Literary Program.

Year of Fire, by David Lynn

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Year of Fire, by David Lynn

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Year of Fire, by David Lynn

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In these nineteen stories, David Lynn presents the human experience. From continent to continent, from state to state, we see the way in which people’s lives and ambitions inevitably collide. They fight for property, torture dogs, rekindle old romances, and build new futures in foreign lands. Following David Lynn around the world, we meet strangers who seem both exotic and familiar and find that their aspirations and fears look much like our own.


“Neither villainous nor devout, the characters that people Lynn’s collection of 19 stories negotiate ethics and morality in a world that offers no absolutes. . . . their trials leave them ‘in a kind of limbo, not even probation.’ In a collection spanning India, England, Detroit and California, characters ponder confused, even mistaken identities in a world consumed with identity politics. . . . The stories of this collection occupy the gray borderland where betrayal mixes with trust, violence with affection, humiliation with lust. The effect is quietly haunting.” —Publishers Weekly

“In 19 short stories, Lynn writes with virtuosity about angry people, the complexities of love and betrayal, and the effect of the past on present lives. A master of the ambivalent resolution, his stories linger and resonate after you finish them. Lynn revisits places and situations, looking at themes and culture from different points of view. . . . There is some really brilliant writing here, most of it in the longer stories. Buy this book for your literary fiction fans and short story aficionados—they’ll find it very rewarding.” —Booklist


David Lynn is the longtime editor of The Kenyon Review, the international journal of literature, culture, and the arts, and of KROnline, its complementary electronic journal. Lynn is the author of two collections of stories, a novel, and a scholarly monograph. He teaches on the faculty of Kenyon College, and lives in Gambier, Ohio, with his wife, the noted historian of India Wendy Singer, and their two children, Aaron and Elizabeth.