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Dzanc Books is nonprofit press specializing in literary fiction and nonfiction. In addition to publishing activities, Dzanc Books also supports the Disquiet International Literary Program.

The Long Trial of Nolan Dugatti, by Stephen Graham Jones

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The Long Trial of Nolan Dugatti, by Stephen Graham Jones

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The Long Trial of Nolan Dugatti, by Stephen Graham Jones

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A video game story told through suicide letters from the father of the one within the game. Another tale from Stephen Graham Jones told at a fever pitch combining aspects of sci-fi, mystery, horror, and very simply, one of the most imaginative writers working today.


“Suicide notes from a father who can’t quite manage to kill himself, the nine final hours of customer support at a help desk for a video game no one has played in almost a decade, train-length, time-traveling, hyper-adaptive super-centipedes, lethal shrimp cocktails, ninjas (blind and otherwise), and a posthumous Pong match all cryptically connect in this stark exploration of guilt, grief, and fear by the prolific Stephen Graham Jones. And did I mention that it’s funny? Unplug your consoles, kids, and play this book.” —Zack Wentz, author of The Garbageman and the Prostitute

“Two unreliable narrators, a bunch of suicide letters, and a plot that collapses on itself just like the characters do —Stephen Graham Jones is our contemporary Jorge Luis Borges.” —Michael Kimball, author of Dear Everybody


Stephen Graham Jones now has, counting Seven Spanish Angels, eight novels and two collections, and around a hundred and thirty stories published, from Alaska Quarterly Review to Weird Tales, many of which have been selected for year’s best annuals and anthologies. Jones has been an NEA Fellow, a Texas Writer’s League Fellow, won the Texas Institute of Letters Award for Fiction, and has been a finalist for a Colorado Book Award, a Stoker Award, and the Shirley Jackson Award.