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Dzanc Books is nonprofit press specializing in literary fiction and nonfiction. In addition to publishing activities, Dzanc Books also supports the Disquiet International Literary Program.

Ryan Seacrest is Famous, by Dave Housley

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Ryan Seacrest is Famous, by Dave Housley

Housley - Ryan Seacrest is Famous - Cover.jpg
Housley - Ryan Seacrest is Famous - Cover.jpg

Ryan Seacrest is Famous, by Dave Housley

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In Ryan Seacrest Is Famous, Dave Housley lovingly skewers pop culture—and our obsession with it—in all its benign yet bizarre, addictive, and addled glory. With a keen wit and knowing eye for detail, he offers serious fiction with pop sensibility. Ryan Seacrest Is Famous will delight fans of Road House and On the Road alike.


“This debut collection is littered with pop culture references, and I can almost guarantee that you’ll catch way more of them than you’d like. These stories, which originally appeared in magazines such as Nerve, Backward City Review, and Hobart, take on a variety of pop culture types, including reality television, professional wrestling, and wedding DJs. Fortunately for us, Housley goes past the most obvious hipster-ironic observations and into the more earnest territories reserved for true pop culture fanatics.” - JMWW

Housley’s writing is sharp, clean, and clever. He has a particular knack for titles, including pearls like “Namaste, Bitches,” “Fight Club Club,” and “Are You Street or Popcorn?” Often, it seems the better the title, the better the story. And certain images will sear themselves into your brain, such as Ryan Seacrest perched on a golden toilet or pubic hair shaved in the shape of a heart.

Another impressive achievement of Ryan Seacrest Is Famous is that, while you might think that the pop culture and celebrity themes and references would grow tedious, they never do. Each story is original and surprising, even the two consecutive stories that reference Night Ranger’s “Sister Christian.” And because the storytelling is so sound, the book will remain fresh even once the pop culture references become dated. His characters are always believable and empathetic (if frustrating) in their mostly futile quests to find what they think is missing." - The Short Review

“…a fun collection, easy to read, easy to enjoy, and thoughtful too.” - Ben Kharakh,


Dave Housley is the author of Ryan Seacrest Is Famous and a collection coming in 2015. He is one of the founding editors of the literary journal Barrelhouse.