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Dzanc Books is nonprofit press specializing in literary fiction and nonfiction. In addition to publishing activities, Dzanc Books also supports the Disquiet International Literary Program.

Poisonhorse, by Brandi Wells

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Poisonhorse, by Brandi Wells

Wells - Poisonhorse - Cover.jpg
Wells - Poisonhorse - Cover.jpg

Poisonhorse, by Brandi Wells

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Poisonhorse is not only a miracle, but one of the saddest books alive. ‘I had a Time once,’ writes Wells, ‘but I didn’t water it and it never grew.’ It is in this no growing place where dear Poisonhorse and its archivist live, punctuated by fable, philosophy, and the fierce hunger to keep what is loved breathing forever. Wells will yank your heart out, decorate it with fur and dreams, grow it more hearts, a whole tree of hearts, invite you to sit under it, and in this shade you will read this book and tremble.”—Sabrina Orah Mark


"A literary eruption, is that a thing, if that’s a thing, it just happened over here, out comes a saddened–>tortured love cry, a near-epic struggle twisted forward and within and out of over a bitty 34 pages, the story of Poisonhorse shrieks, as the horse and the poison the narrator gives it and the bears and the rats and the lady in the cistern and etc. burrow their way into you, as you begin to see yourself as one of the severed heads in the bear’s belly, as what you thought to call love expands and then immediately bursts in your hands."Vouched Books


Brandi Wells is the managing editor of the Black Warrior Review, the web editor at Hobart, and the author of Please Don’t Be Upset. Her fiction can be found in Salamander, Mid-American Review, 14 Hills, Juked, and many other journals. She lives in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, with her cats, Blackie and Elliot.