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Dzanc Books is nonprofit press specializing in literary fiction and nonfiction. In addition to publishing activities, Dzanc Books also supports the Disquiet International Literary Program.

For Out of the Heart Proceed, by Jensen Beach

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For Out of the Heart Proceed, by Jensen Beach

Beach - For Out of the Heart Proceed - Cover.jpg
Beach - For Out of the Heart Proceed - Cover.jpg

For Out of the Heart Proceed, by Jensen Beach

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In his debut collection of stories, Jensen Beach’s characters discover what it means to be individuals, colleagues, husbands and fathers in a world that too often complicates the best intentions with sabotage and subterfuge. What’s most striking about these narratives is the protagonists’ ability to continually make right, difficult decisions despite being placed in challenging, dangerous situations. Readers will delight in Beach’s powerful, deft prose, and the surprising warmth that radiates from his people. Each story is a robust chronicle that churns and evolves and offers glimpses into fully-realized lives. To say this marks the arrival of a gifted author is true but somehow misses the mark, as the maturity and sincerity that pulses throughout this collection signals a writer whose many talents have been carefully developed and honed.


"Pithy and pertinent, Jensen Beach’s stories reach out and grab you in the opening line, and they don’t let go until the final period. This writer’s not into wasting words. He makes every one count. His fiction is both direct and vivid, and I found a surprise or two on virtually every page. I feel tremendous enthusiasm for this young writer’s work." -STEVE YARBROUGH, AUTHOR OF SAFE FROM THE NEIGHBORS

"The stories in Jensen Beach’s debut collection unfold menacingly in plain daylight. They seduce us into feeling at ease until the ground gives way under our feet. Here are people who hope to love and to protect those they love and people who fall down trying. Who burn down and stand up and heroically (stubbornly!) begin to live again." -NOY HOLLAND, AUTHOR OF WHAT BEGINS WITH BIRD


Jensen Beach is the author of the story collection For Out Of The Heart Proceed (Dzanc Books 2012, 2nd Edition; 1st Edition: Dark Sky Books). He holds an MFA in fiction from the Program for Poets and Writers at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Currently, he teaches at the University of Illinois and the Danville Correctional Center. His stories and reviews have appeared recently in American Short FictionCincinnati ReviewFifty-Two StoriesKenyon Review OnlineNinth LetterSou’wester, and Witness, among others. He’s received scholarships from the Napa and Sewanee Writers’ conferences, and is one of the web editors at Hobart. He lives in Illinois with his wife and children.